Why "111" Paranormal?

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Here’s the story…I have been experiencing paranormal activity as far back as I can remember – actually, even before that - my parents experienced it before I was born. 


The house my family lived in was on West 111th Street in Cleveland.  It was a big, beautiful colonial built in 1910.  Mom and dad would come home and walk up on the front porch and hear a baby crying, even visiting neighbors would hear it.  It happened for about 2 weeks – until my mother found out she was pregnant with me and then they never heard the baby crying again! 


When I was a child, I used to lay in bed in my room and just watch the closet door handle turn and the door open and close almost every night.  I cannot explain why I wasn’t frightened by it, but I always felt comfortable in that house, like I belonged or it was mine.  I still drive by it every time I am in the neighborhood – just to see it.


Many, if not all, of my family members also had experiences in our house on West 111th including seeing a spirit that looked and sounded like my mom at the back door, when she was really down the street having coffee at a neighbor’s house,  seeing 3 sheets of drywall leaning one way against a wall and then completely moving in an instant to lean against the wall across in the opposite direction, seeing a spirit floating in the upstairs hallway closet.


So 111 – that’s where it all started.  This name helps us to pay homage to our paranormal roots.

 - Laura

(Psychic Medium/Lead Investigator)