Some of our favorite places to go:

The Ohio State Reformatory - one of the most active and absolutely coolest places on earth!!  We try to do a private ghost hunt here at least once a year.  It truly NEVER disappoints!!

Madison Seminary - great place to do a private ghost hunt or a flashlight tour!!!  The owner, Adam Kimmel, is absolutely passionate about his properties and preserving their history.  Check this place out - we've had some amazing personal experiences within its walls and captured some great evidence.  

The Fairfield County Infirmary - located in Lancaster, Ohio, this historical site is absolutely beautiful!!  The building architecture alone makes it worth seeing.  It's history is incredible and again, the owner, Adam Kimmel, makes this destination a great place to visit.  It was visited on the first season of Travel Channel's Destination Fear - an absolutely incredible episode!  Love this place and we will be regulars here for sure.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium - in Kentucky.  This place is intense.  You still feel the sense of hopelessness and dread the minute you walk into what used to be a Tuberculosis Hospital.  It's such a strong feeling - so incredibly intense and just an amazing place to do a ghost hunt.  Our group can't wait to get back to this one!!